Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age, but at the present time Love Beyond Autism is only equipped to offer its service to 18 – 30 year old young adults.
Love Beyond Autism provides Social Outings with Chaperones in a Van with door to door pickup and return from its Gold, Silver, and Bronze Social Outings selections.
The Gold Social Outings can be mixed with the Silver Social Outings. However; the Silver Social Outing can not be mixed with the Gold Social Outing.
The Social Outings are scheduled for a 5-hour block of time with the time beginning upon arrival at the selected Gold or Silver outing and ending within the 5-hour block with the pickup and return time separate from the 5-hour block.
The Chaperone and Chaperone / Driver are employees of Love Beyond Autism and cleared Background Checks and have been certified with CPR training and Certificate.
The Chaperones will accompany each group and will be close but not intrusive.
No. Not currently. Love Beyond Autism is a new company and will certainly entertain the idea of providing service to young adults with mobility issues in the future.